ToughGuard NHP EXTREME (Nano Hybrid Polyurethene)

ToughGuard NHP Extreme is a proprietary Nano-structured (bottom-up engineering), transparent, polyurethane hybrid, industrial grade, humidity curing, easy to apply, high gloss to flat military matt top / protective coating system.

ToughGuard NHP Extreme operates as a multi-functional coating which has remarkable protective properties for the most extreme operating conditions, developed for the enhancement, restoration and extended service life (10+ years longer than any conventional linear structured coating) of high value commercial, industrial, transportation, energy, and military assets.

ToughGuard NHP Extreme’s 3D molecular structured polymers results in a coating system that delivers extremely high cross-link density using DMTA (Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis).

High cross-link density and a 3D molecular structure delivers:
ToughGuard NHP Extreme is your equipment / assets first line of defense and has been developed to be used over the top of conventional linear structured base coats, such as:


Developed and manufactured in-house in the USA and distributed worldwide, ToughGuard NHP Extreme is a paradigm shift from current paint / coating systems that historically have only delivered incremental performance gains over time. The proprietary nano-engineered raw polymer material, manufacturing procedures and end-to-end performance by all measures is a “quantum leap” in protective coating performance and the constant fight against corrosion.

If your assets need extreme, long-term and corrosion protection, then you need ToughGuard NHP Extreme.

Protect, restore, enhance and extend the life of freshly painted or highly oxidized painted/coated surfaces by 10+ years by using ToughGuard NHP Extreme as your first line of defense.