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While epidemiology continues to evolve, so are the pathogens we are fighting every day. Standard operating procedures and cleaning methods are simply inadequate to keep up with the on-going threat of continuous recontamination and accidental cross-contamination.  The common need in healthcare facilities, commercial venues, and public gathering locations is the need for a new layer of protection. While cleaning and disinfection are essential, most products last only until the active ingredients dry or are wiped away.

Everest InvisaShield has tailored The Pathogen Defense System to tackle these complex issues. By combining antimicrobial technology with proven application protocols and methodology, treated surfaces remain continuously disinfected and sanitized for 120 days.

“No one strategy alone is going to work. But if we layer enough of these on top of each other, we can significantly reduce risks.”

– Joseph Gardner Allen, Deputy Director, Harvard Education
and Research Center for Occupational Safety & Health


System & Approach.







Step One: Disinfect

First things first, we ensure all surfaces are clean so they can receive the disinfectant. A fact that was overlooked so many times before is that unless a surface is completely clean, the disinfectant will not work. Therefore, an important part of step 1 is the facility deep cleaning. Only once we know surfaces are clean, we apply our disinfectant to ensure maximum efficacy.
We use our cutting-edge, EPA approved (List N) solutions to clean and disinfect.
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Step Two: Protect

Our technology creates a semi-permanent bond with whatever surface, porous or non-porous, it is applied to. As soon as we apply our ClearShield antimicrobial, it begins working 24/7 to protect against unwanted pathogens for 120 days.
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Step Three: Maintain

The last step of our system is the daily maintenance and the use of our 4-hour hand sanitizer. Daily Maintenance can be done by the cleaning crew or staff members. Cleaning and disinfecting the high touch areas ensures ClearShield spikes are not clogged by oils and residue left by human skin on contact and ensures the Pathogen Defense System works at maximum capacity. We provide the Selectrocide disinfectant and the surfactant needed for this step.

Our Skin Guard hand sanitizer features a patented technology that provides a 4-hour invisible shield of protection.

Skin Guard is a revolutionary hand and skin sanitizer that forms a covalent bond with your skin, reducing bacteria and viruses and protecting your skin for up 4 hours. Skin Guard is proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, yeast, and mildew. It’s 99.99% effective and helps break the chain of cross contamination, supports healthcare efforts and keeps your hands soft.

Clean and disinfect high-touch areas daily.

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Why Everest InvisaShield

Comprehensive Pathogen Defense System providing disinfection and long-term antimicrobial protection on all treated areas 24/7 for up to 120 days
Testing protocols for before, during and after application
Customized site protocols for each facility developed by an Industrial Hygienist
EPA tested and approved products
Subrogation by our insurance policy
Training of janitorial crew or staff members on proper disinfection procedures to maintain high touch surfaces included
120 days of protection achieved with the implementation of the full Pathogen Defense System and regular maintenance with our chlorine dioxide disinfectant. Unusually high traffic areas and surfaces that receive high abrasion should be treated more often.