Currently, all of the products used to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and algae only kill immediately.  They do not Protect from future contamination!

Everest InvisaShield is the approved distributor for Texas. We look forward to hearing from you or anyone who might have interest in learning more about this product.

Our Hand purifier delivers 6 HOURS of protection.  No hand sanitizer on the market can offer any protection once it dries.  This is a Game Changer!

This is truly a miracle in advanced technology for all public spaces, work environments, public transportation, schools and homes.  Many harmful germs can live on surfaces for as little as 12 hours and some for days.  All surfaces, porous and nonporous will be protected for 90 days. We will perform onsite germ test every 90 days to monitor performance before re-treatment.  Results will be shared with each client. The equipment to perform testing on-site is called Ensure Touch, a hand-held unit combined with the Ultra Snap swabs.