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First things first, we ensure all surfaces are clean so they can receive the disinfectant. A fact that was overlooked so many times before is that unless a surface is completely clean, the disinfectant will not work. Therefore, an important step in our System is the facility deep cleaning. Only once we know surfaces are clean, we apply our disinfectant to ensure maximum efficacy.

We use our cutting-edge, EPA approved (List N) solutions to clean and disinfect.
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What It Is.

Selectrocide Disinfectant (EPA/FDA Registration #74986-5) is ultra-pure chlorine dioxide. It is a hard surface, hospital grade disinfectant.

This remarkable biocide is an effective sanitizer, disinfectant, tuberculocide, virucide*, fungicide, algaecide, general-purpose antimicrobial and cleaner for use in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

Chlorine dioxide should not be confused with chlorine. While chlorine dioxide has chlorine in its name, chlorine dioxide’s reaction chemistry is radically different from that of chlorine and they produce very different by-products. Chlorine dioxide’s only by-products are salt ions and water.


Why It Works.

Chlorine dioxide is a stable free radical, and functions as an oxidative rather than a chlorinating reaction. Chlorine dioxide’s oxidative power allows it to attack the cell walls, creating breaches. These breaches cause leakage of the cell contents, ultimately cutting off the supply of the cell’s nutrients thus killing it. In contrast, current traditional disinfection methods are designed to poison the microorganisms. But as the microorganisms build resistance and become immune to the poison, new and stronger products have to be developed.

How It Works.

Selectrocide Disinfectant destroys the invisible, protective layer known as bio-film and quickly kills the microorganisms which hide and thrive under this protective coating. Traditional disinfection products are unable to quickly penetrate the biofilm and because of this, they are ineffective.



As a disinfectant, it’s effective against:
As a sanitizer, it’s effective against:
As a fungicide, it’s effective against:
As a virucide, it’s effective against:

Customer Pre-treatment Responsibilities

We request that you remove all visual surface contamination and clutter prior to our arrival.
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Why Everest InvisaShield

Comprehensive Pathogen Defense System providing disinfection and long-term antimicrobial protection on all treated areas 24/7 for up to 120 days
Testing protocols for before, during and after application
Customized site protocols for each facility developed by an Industrial Hygienist
EPA tested and approved products
Subrogation by our insurance policy
Training of janitorial crew or staff members on proper disinfection procedures to maintain high touch surfaces included
120 days of protection achieved with the implementation of the full Pathogen Defense System and regular maintenance with our chlorine dioxide disinfectant. Unusually high traffic areas and surfaces that receive high abrasion should be treated more often.