Damage/Water Restauration

Have you undergone water/flood issues? Immediate action is necessary to keep yourself and your family safe and minimize permanent damage to the structure of your home or place of business. Within 24 hours of water being introduced under your flooring, in your carpet or behind your walls, microbial organisms begin to grow. If the water is not extracted quickly, you risk the growth of mildew and mold. Standing water damages wood structures and serves as a medium for mold growth. Call the restoration pros for immediate action at 832-932-9500.

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We can assist with the following issues:

The best part about calling Everest InvisaShield for your water removal and restauration is that we will handle the process from A to Z. We will assess the situation and remain in close contact with your insurance provider to get the water damage resolved. Leave the mess and the paperwork to us; we will remove all water and moisture, return your property to pre-damage condition, and deal with your insurance company!